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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Newton's First Law

Since I first decided that my old bed frame was standing in the way of me and the life I was meant to live, it seems that I have become a body in motion...staying in motion. In just the last couple of months, I sold some furniture that was clogging my family room, bought a new couch that can be moved around in pieces for my awesome new entertaining lifestyle, and had a Star Wars-Shakespeare party in said fabulous family room!

I started a built-in bay window seat so I can finally use my front room AND have storage too. I sold two old dining tables for more money than I ever thought I'd get out of them, and I bought a lovely (used) dining table that is dresses up my whole house. Yay, kitchen!

I refinished a desk, planted a garden, and canned a bunch of strawberry and cherry syrup from the fruit from my yard. I made a new little free library, set it up in the front yard and filled it with books. I planted a bunch of perennials, made new flower beds on both sides of the house, and threw a 20-year wedding anniversary celebration in my now-lovely back yard.

This list is really for my own benefit, so I can remind myself all of the good things I have done, since by now the memory is fading!

What I've discovered these last several months is that once I can start the proverbial ball rolling, Newton's law comes into play: I keep doing stuff. I stay in motion! How easy it can be to just be satisfied with the status quo. I can tend to be a body at rest. Inertia has its way. But I don't have to be satisfied with that.

Sometimes it seems easier to just complain than take action. Recently, we were talking about doing an event as a family, and there was a lot of complaining. The parents said, "Deal with it. We are doing it anyway." Well, surprise, surprise, we all ended up having a good time.

On reflection, my takeaway for myself--and what I discussed with the children afterward--was:

Stop complaining and just DO something. 

Whining doesn't make a job go faster or easier or make an activity any more fun. It just makes yourself and those around you feel bad.

If a project seems overwhelming, just do something, anything, even if it's unrelated! Sell a couch. Plant some flowers. Throw a party. Just get moving.

Once you start, it will spur you to action in other areas of your life. I know it will! Let's do this!

Depression, begone!

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