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Monday, April 7, 2014

William Shakespeare, Meet George Lucas?

Love this illustration from said book. 
I wanted to throw a Shakespeare-dinner party. Not the dress-up kind but the kind where friends could just hang out and munch all night and read a play. But I wanted something a little...snazzier than a regular Shakespeare play. Something more accessible than Literature with a capital L.

Star Wars Font
When I found Ian Doescher's book William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope, I knew I had just the thing for a perfect party. It sounds like a gag until you see it. Star Wars uses archetypal characters and plot--the whole thing oddly fits with Shakespeare, when you think of it. And frankly, the dialogue couldn't be any worse in a knock-off than the original! Sorry, it's true!

If you've ever wanted to hear R2D2's secret thoughts ("This golden droid has been a friend, 'tis true,/And yet I wish to still his prating tongue!/An imp, he calleth me? I'll be revenged,/And merry pranks aplenty I shall play/Upon this pompous droid C-3PO!) or hear other favorite lines played out in an Elizabethan way, this is the play you are looking for. Doescher works in real quotes from Shakespeare plays for those overachievers who can pick them out (yeah, like me!). There is even a study guide if you want to know more. I love it!

Star Wars Font
Poking around on the internet and Pinterest, I didn't find much in the way of an awesome party invitation, so I gave in and made my own. I think it turned out pretty great! (I'm sharing all of this so if you are poking around on the internet looking for a fun Shakespeare party idea, you can copy me if you find something helpful!)

Here's the party invite. I found a picture of a star field online. The Star Wars opening title sequence font is the standard Franklin Gothic. I found this cool website where you can generate text in the Star Wars title font.

Here's my ridiculous sonnet in text below. Forced rhyme/meter poetry is always challenging! I was able to weave a couple of actual Shakespeare quotes in, though!

In galaxy not far away from here…
on alley which lies next to fairest stream,
Lord _______ bids thee and thy consort appear
for soiree on the fourth of April eve
at 6:00. A repast shall be had
and mirth and jollity will sure befit
when Shakespeare and George Lucas meet—‘tis mad—
though this be madness, yet there is method in’t!
For merriment we dine and read a play
of “Star Wars” in Elizabethan time.
A new hope shall be seen in this new day
when Solo and C3PO speak rhyme.
So come, good friends, in faith—
                                                                 The play’s the thing
wherein THE FORCE we revelers shall bring.

Star Wars Font
The party was very fun and casual. We had lots of munchies: fresh fruit and veggies, taquitos, meatballs, mini sandwich spirals, cream puffs, brownies, pizza whole table was covered with beautiful food. I loved it because it was so simple to throw together, and a few people also brought food to help out. No stressing about a fancy meal! There was something everyone could enjoy, even those on different diets.

We sat in a circle in my cozy, newly remodeled mosh pit/family room (thank you, Ikea Kivik sectional, that I can move anywhere as individual pieces) and took turns reading. There was a part for everyone. Some who didn't want to read much could be "Rebel 1" or "Gold Wing Fighter." For those who wanted meatier parts, there was Luke, Han Solo--you know the rest. When someone got tired of reading they passed their part along to someone who hadn't had a turn for a while.

It would have taken a long time to get through the whole play, so we skipped around a bit and hit the scenes people wanted to read. I thought it was the perfect amount of reading. I saw new sides to people I thought I knew and new and unique accents I had never heard before and probably never will again! You know who you are, person simultaneously from Scotland/Ireland/India! It was a riot.

On the day of the party, I was picking up a few things at the store when I saw Star Wars PEZ dispensers next to the checkout stand. It was destiny! I picked up one for each couple as a party favor. It was a great way to end a fun party!

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