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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book Review: Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, by Wendy Watson Nelson

Change Your Questions, Change Your LifeChange Your Questions, Change Your Life by Wendy Watson Nelson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm really enjoying a second time through this thought-provoking book on how our questions determine so much of our world view and progression in life.

The look of the book is a little odd to me since it's very visually stimulating with different layout treatments for each page, but I don't really mind, since some people are more visual learners than me and maybe this is a more appealing format to them.

On this time through, I'm really taking the time to consider and journal the questions Wendy Nelson encourages us to ask ourselves. Her background as a counselor shines through as she gently invites the reader to probe beyond our paradigms of "this is the way it has always been and things will never change." Here's a question for YOU: why not? How do I get the life I want within the context of what I have? It's easy to just let things slide and maintain a kind of unhappy truce with our current situations. Why not try something different and see what happens?

Seven of the chapters specifically examine questions that are personally meaningful to her. If any of these strike something in you, I would highly recommend this book. It has been a life-changer for me.

-What is on my premortal list of things to do while on earth?
-What is the one question I most need to have answered from the scriptures today?
-Is there something you'd like to overcome? What are three words to follow for a great life? ("Not even once"-- break the word of wisdom, lie, cheat, steal, etc.; OR miss an opportunity to forgive someone, fully repent, be kinder, pay a full tithing, etc.)
-Whose agenda is this choice supporting, God's or Satan's?
-If I were to pray for and picture the Holy Ghost being right beside me, how would I manage this difficult situation?
-How can I be more of my true self at the end of this experience?
-What do I know to be true?

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