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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cub Scout LDS Faith in God Requirements

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I frequently have parents ask me what their Cub Scout needs to do to earn his religious square knot. It's pretty simple: there are seven requirements that are marked with a little square knot in the "Faith in God" booklet, but until I made this worksheet I couldn't find a page that showed them all in one place and indicates when requirements were passed off. I know this is a very simple worksheet, but I thought I'd just post it because perhaps it might be of help to another leader.

Scouts can begin working on their religious square knot as a Wolf and continue working on it through their Webelos year if they want, however, they must receive this award to be eligible to receive the Arrow of Light! 

The religious square knot and Arrow of Light are the most prestigious awards in Cub Scouting because they are the only awards that can be worn for a lifetime--they transfer to the Boy Scout uniform and are represented on the adult uniform as leader knots. (By the way, if earned your Young Women medallion as a girl, you can also proudly wear the purple youth religious knot, and if you were a Girl Scout and earned your Gold Award, "there's a knot for that" too.)

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