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Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Christ-Centered Easter: Because of Him

Happy Holy Week! Does anyone else feel like it's so easy for the focus of Easter to be on chocolate bunnies instead of the Savior? I want to take back the holiday!

Since Christmas gets such a big celebration, why doesn't Easter have one as well? Over the years, I've tried to add activities and traditions to our Easter week that focus on Jesus Christ, His life, and resurrection. It's made our family's celebration so much more meaningful. I thought I'd share some of my ideas this week.

As the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is doing an Easter initiative that focuses on Jesus Christ called Because of Him, I want to use this week especially to reflect on what is possible in my life because of Him. I challenge you to do the same to make this a meaningful Easter.

Because of Him, I can be free of sin and heartache. He will even carry my pain that was caused by another or by circumstances that are out of my control.

Because of Him, I can live again. I can be with my family forever through the blessings of the holy temple.

Because of Him, I can feel peace in a world of turmoil. If I listen quietly I can feel Him saying, "Peace, be still." I can feel His arms around me when I feel lonely or sad or hopeless.

I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm forever indebted to Him. This Holy Week I hope to show where my heart and treasure truly lie through my thoughts, words, and actions.


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